The Padua Working Group on FGM

As explained in their website

A Working Group on the FGM has been active at the Department of General Psychology, University of Padua, Italy, since the 1980s. This Working Group gathers scholars interested in diverse aspects of Genital Mutilations and is coordinated by Prof. Pia Grassivaro Gallo – PhD in Anthropology and Associated Professor to the same Department. The Working Group aims at monitoring the phenomenon of the Female genital Mutilations on national level and therefore stimulates epidemiologic surveys on the different aspects of the FGM: demographic, biologic, medical, and socio-psychological, synthesized in the monograph Figlie d’Africa mutilate (Mutilated Daughters of Africa), published by L’Harmattan-Italy in 1998. The Working Group promotes and maintains international relations with a privileged collaboration with the ONG Water For Life, dedicated to the eradication of infibulation in Merka, Somalia. It also has a fruitful relationship with organizations in the developed countries and especially with the California-based organization NO-CIRC. 
The Padua Working Group has promoted several scientific meetings, among them; a one-day Conference devoted to the FGM, in October 1992; an International Conference on the FGM, in 1994; nad the 8th International Conference of the NO-CIRC (USA), devoted to the eradication of every type of circumcision, both female and male. On May 4th, 2005 a on-day Conference on Traditional Practices Harmful to Women’s Health, organized with the help of the Equal Opportunities Committee of the University of Padua was held at the Department of General Psychology. 
On december 1th,2010 a conference devoted to”The african immigrants in the Veneto and the initiatives of the FGM prevention promoted by the italian government”; organized with the collaboration of 3 african speakers.