NGO Girl´s Power Initiative

Girl´s Power Initiative is an NGO based in Benin City, Nigeria.

According to their website, GPI “ is a Nigerian non-governmental, not-for-profit youth development organization founded in 1993 by Bene Madunagu and Grace Osakue to address the challenges facing girls in the Nigerian society and equip them with information, skills and opportunities for action to grow into self actualised young women”.

Outreach activities. The GPI outreach programmes aims to:

  1. Provide avenues to reach out to adolescent girls who cannot physically come to the centres (in Calabar, Uyo, Benin and Asaba) due to distance, lack of funds, parental consent, time, poverty, etc….
  2. Enlighten and educate more adolescent girls on gender, sexuality issues (including HIV/AIDS, and Female Genital Mutilation) and personal empowerment.
  3. Reduce teenage pregnancies, school drop-out rates, violence against girls and sexual exploitation through passage of information, education and skills development.
  4. Increase the number of girls who would in turn impact on their peers and communities to meet the long term social goal of gender equality.

GPI has published “Know This Series: Hiv/Aids, Moods, & Female Genital Mutilation”

Some articles found in the cloud about the labour of advocacy against FGM of NGO GPI:

Female Genital Mutilation – a life-threatening health and human rights issue LINK

NGO Seeks End to Female Circumcision LINK

Nigeria acts to eradicate female genital mutilation LINK

This is the LINK of Girl´s Power Initiative

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