NGO HURRARC, Human Rights Respect Awareness Raising Campaigner.

According to their website, HURRARC is a Sierra Leone NGO based in Freetown. It was founded in 1992, by Sahr GMP Fania together with other refugees from Sierra Leone at the time of the outbreak of the civil war, to document the Human Rights Violations being committed by all parties. HURRARC has been registered as a Community Based Organisation (CBO) with Freetown City Council.”

Among its wide umbrella of activities, HURRARC denounces the practice of FGM in Sierra Leone.

Watch belowthe video interview to two women activist of Hurrarc related to female genital mutilation.
Hawa fights to protect children from genital mutilation, even after having been threatened.
Josephine is involved into the question: she’s a victim.


This is the HURRARC Website

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