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Moolaadé (review)

Harvard Human Rights Journal. November 2008;30(4):1058-1060.

Moolaadé (review)

Ibhawoh B.

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Moolaadé (review)”> Project MUSE – Human Rights Quarterly – Moolaadé (review) Browse > Social Sciences > Political Science > Democracy and Human Rights > Human Rights Quarterly > Volume 30, Number 4, November 2008 Download PDF Reviewed by Bonny Ibhawoh (bio) Moolaadé, Director: Ousmane Sembène (2004). The fact that scholars and practitioners cannot agree on how best to describe a certain practice is an indication of the controversy and impassioned debates that the topic generates. “Female circumcision,” “female genital mutilation,” and “female genital cutting” are all used to describe the practice, common in some African and Muslim communities, of removing varying amounts of the female genitalia, usually in adolescent girls. It is a procedure that causes the death of many girls and women, adversely affects their sexual wellbeing, and makes childbirth hazardous. For many decades, attempts to stop the practice were framed in terms of women’s health and addressed as such by the World Health Organization and other advocacy…

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