Medical Anthropology Quarterly

This is the LINK of the journal Medical Anthropology Quarterly. Here you can submit your own papers and seek for articles on FGM. Medical Anthropology Quarterly is one of more than 20 publications featured in AnthroSource, the American Anthropological Association’s online portal serving the research, teaching, and professional needs of anthropologists.

Medical Anthropology Quarterly has published the following articles on FGM:

Rafti P. The Hosken Report: Genital/Sexual Mutilation of FemalesFran P. Hosken. 1979 Nov; 11(1): 19-20 LINK

Gordon D. Female Circumcision and Genital Operations in Egypt and the Sudan: A Dilemma for Medical Anthropology. 1991 March; 5(1): 3-14. LINK

Boddy J. Body Politics: Continuing the Anticircumcision Crusade. March 1991; 5 (1):15-17. LINK

Gruenbaum E. The Cultural Debate over Female Circumcision: The Sudanese Are Arguing This One Out for Themselves. 1996 Dec; 10 (4): 455-475. LINK

Makhlouf Obermeyer C. Female Genital Surgeries: The Known, the Unknown, and the Unknowable. 1999; March 1 : 79–106. LINK

Leclerc-Madlala S. Virginity testing: managing sexuality in a maturing HIV/AIDS epidemic. 2001 Dec;15(4):533-52. LINK

Elise R, Johansen B. Pain as a Counterpoint to Culture: Toward an Analysis of Pain Associated with Infibulation among Somali Immigrants in Norway. 2002 Sept; 16 (3): 312-340. LINK

Mackie G. Female Genital Cutting: A Harmless Practice. 2003 June; 17 (2): 135-158. LINK

Carla Makhlouf Obermeyer. The Health Consequences of Female Circumcision: Science, Advocacy, and Standards of Evidence. 2003 Sept; 17 (3): 394-412. LINK

Bell K. Genital Cutting and Western Discourses on Sexuality. June 2005 June; 19(2): 125-148. LINK

Christoffersen-Deb A. “Taming tradition”: medicalized female genital practices in western Kenya. 2005 Dec;19(4):402-18. LINK 

Gruenbaum E. Sexuality Issues in the Movement to Abolish Female Genital Cutting in Sudan. 2006 March; 20 (1): 121-138. LINK

Yount KM, Carrera JS. Female Genital Cutting and Reproductive Experience in Minya, Egypt. 2006 June; 20 (2): 182-211. LINK

Elise R, Johansen B. Care for Infibulated Women Giving Birth in Norway: An Anthropological Analysis of Health Workers’ Management of a Medically and Culturally Unfamiliar Issue. 2006 Dec; 20 (4): 516-544. LINK

Darby R, Svoboda JS. A Rose by Any Other Name? Rethinking the Similarities and Differences between Male and Female Genital Cutting. 2007 Sept; 21 (3): 301–323. LINK

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