Tropical Medicine & International Health

Tropical Medicine & International Health is a scientific journal published by the Federation of European Societies for Tropical Medicine and International Health (FESTMIH). In this LINK you can submit your own articles and sear for articles on the journal’s previous issues.

Trop Med & Int Health has published the following papers on FGM:

Snow RC. Editorial: Female genital cutting: distinguishing the rights from the health agenda. 2001 FEB; 6 (2): 89-91. LINK

Morison L, Scherf C, Ekpo G, Paine K, West B, Coleman R, Walraven G. The long-term reproductive health consequences of female genital cutting in rural Gambia: a community-based survey. 2001 Aug; 6(8): 643-653 LINK

Snow RC, Slanger TE, Okonofua FE, Oronsaye F, Wacke RJ . Female genital cutting in southern urban and peri-urban Nigeria: self-reported validity, social determinants and secular decline. 2002 Jan; 7(1): 91-100. LINK

Msuya SE, Mbizvo E, Hussain A, Sundby J, Sam NE, Stray-Pedersen B. Female genital cutting in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania: changing attitudes? 2002 FEB; 7 (2): 159-165 LINK

Klouman E, Manongi R, Klepp KI. Self-reported and observed female genital cutting in rural Tanzania: associated demographic factors, HIV and sexually transmitted infections. 2005 Jan;10(1):105-15. LINK

Babalola S, Brasington A, Agbasimalo A, Helland A, Nwanguma E, Onah N. Impact of a communication programme on female genital cutting in eastern Nigeria. 2006 Oct; 11(10):1594-1603. LINK

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