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Clinical characteristics of well women seeking labial reduction surgery: a prospective study

BJOG. 2011 Nov; 118(12): 1507-1510

Clinical characteristics of well women seeking labial reduction surgery: a prospective studyCrouch NS, Deans R, Michala L, Liao L-M, Creighton SM


Objective  To assess clinical characteristics and expectations in well women requesting elective labial reduction surgery.

Design  Prospective study of women attending an outpatient gynaecology clinic.

Setting  General gynaecology clinic at a Central London teaching hospital.

Sample  Women requesting labial reduction surgery and referred by their general practitioner.

Methods  The labia minora width and length were measured for all participants for comparison with published normal values. The presenting complaint was recorded, along with demographic details, expectations of surgery and sources of information regarding appearance of the labia.

Main outcome measures  Labial measurements, reported symptoms and expectations of surgery.

Results  The labia of all participants were within normal published limits, with a mean (SD) of 26.9 (12.8) mm (right labia), and 24.8 (13.1) mm (left labia). The majority of complaints were regarding appearance or discomfort. Expectations were to alter the appearance with surgery.

Conclusions  All women seeking surgery had normal-sized labia minora. Clear guidance is needed for clinicians on how best to care for the worried well woman seeking surgery.

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