Clitoral neuroma after female genital mutilation/cutting: A rare but possible event.

J Sex Med 2012;9:1220–1225.

Clitoral neuroma after female genital mutilation/cutting: A rare but possible event. 

Abdulcadir J, Pusztaszeri M, Vilarino R, Dubuisson JB, and Vlastos A-T.


Introduction.  Female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C), in particular, type III, also called infibulation, can cause various long-term complications. However, posttraumatic neuroma of the clitoris is extremely rare; only one case was previously reported in the literature.

Aim.  The aim of this study was to describe the case of a patient presenting a clitoral neuroma post-FGM/C in detail and her successful multidisciplinary treatment.

Methods.  We report the case of a 24-year-old woman originating from Somalia presenting a type III a–b FGM/C who attended our outpatient clinic at the Geneva University Hospitals complaining of primary dysmenorrhea and a post-mutilation painful clitoral mass. The mass was clinically diagnosed as a cyst and surgically removed. Histopathological analysis revealed that it was a posttraumatic neuroma and a foreign body granuloma around the ancient surgical thread. Our patient was also offered a multidisciplinary counseling by a specialized gynecologist on FGM/C, a sexologist, and a reproductive and sexual health counselor.

Results.  One month after surgical treatment, the vulvar pain was over.

Conclusions.  This is the second case of clitoral neuroma after FGM/C reported and the first with complete clinical, as well as histopathological documentation and multidisciplinary care. Considering the high frequency of clitoral cysts in case of infibulation, clitoral neuroma should be considered in the differential diagnosis. In this case, if symptomatic, the treatment should be surgery, clinical follow-up, and counseling. If necessary, appropriate sexual therapy should be offered too.

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