An alternative way to stop female genital mutilation

Lancet. 1998 july;352(9122):126

An alternative way to stop female genital mutilation

Chelala C


Anew approach on how to deal with the problem of female genital mutilation, which is practised in rural communities in Kenya, offers hope for the eventual elimination of a ritual that has caused considerable suffering to women around the world.

The approach is an alternative rite known as Ntanira Na Mugambo or “circumcision through words”. It includes a week-long programme of counselling, training, and provision of information to young women, ending with the “coming of age” day, when members of the community gather for a celebration with music, dances, and feasting. Since it was initiated in Kenya in August, 1996, about 300 women have experienced this rite as an alternative to the traditional female genital mutilation…

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