Bogaletch Gebre: ending female genital mutilation in Ethiopia

Lancet. 2007 June;369(9579):23

Bogaletch Gebre: ending female genital mutilation in Ethiopia

Shetty P


When women’s rights campaigner Bogaletch Gebre was told by doctors after a car accident in 1987 that she would never walk again, not only did she prove them wrong, she later ran six marathons. This tenacity is a trademark of Gebre, who won the 2007 Jonathan Mann Award for Global Health and Human Rights last month at the Global Health Council’s 34th Annual International Conference on Global Health. Since growing up in rural Ethiopia, she has overcome tremendous adversity to become the founder of the African women’s self-help centre Kembatti Mentti Gezzimma (KMG) and has almost single-handedly eradicated the practice of female genital mutilation in Ethiopia. Gebre knows what this feels like, having been circumcised herself as a young teenager: “I could easily be dead like many girls who went through it.”….