Dissecting room: An enlightening guide to the health-care needs of Muslims

Lancet. 2001 july;358(9256):159

Dissecting room: An enlightening guide to the health-care needs of Muslims

Gamal I Serour

Caring for Muslim Patients
Aziz Sheikh, Abdul Rashid Gatrad
London: Radcliffe Medical Press, 2000
Pp 140. £17.95 ISBN-1857753720


…The hallmarks of this exploration of the interface between faith and health, are a restrained tone and a balance of topics and opinions. However, when the authors deal with certain practices such as female genital mutilation and contraception, they do not differentiate practices that relate to customs, tradition, and certain regional cultures from those that relate to Islamic instructions that should be followed by all observant Muslims, namely Sharia. I believe that when dealing with these controversial issues the authors should have emphasised the proper stance of Islam on these subjects. Doing so would enable health professionals in the UK and Europe to enlighten and inform their patients of what should be done when they are consulted by their patients and to dispel misconceptions about Islamic Sharia on these issues. This information would enable health professionals to provide the best medical service that conforms to the correct and documented beliefs of their Muslim patients…

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