News: Women’s groups in Kenya win small victory against female circumcision

Lancet. 2001 feb;357(9253):371

News: Women’s groups in Kenya win small victory against female circumcision

Baleta A


The Kenyan Family Planning Association (FPA) has confirmed newspaper reports that the ninie young girls who were admitted to hospital in Western Kenya 2-weeks ago with profuse bleeding, were admitted because of botched circumcisions. The FPA say that the incident highlighted the difficulty in eradicating this deeply entrenched custom.

Only last month, two Kenyan girls from a farming region northwest of Nairobi won a court order to restrain their father from having them forcibley circumcised. The case represents the first time a Kenyan court has ruled against the forced circumcision of girls However, the Kenyan Federation of Women’s Lawyers say a new law is needed to criminalize female circumcision because the case was won not on the basis of law, but because the magistrate had exercised his discretion…

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