Female “circumcision”: African women confront American medicine.

J Gen Intern Med. 1997 Aug;12(8):491-9.

Female “circumcision”: African women confront American medicine.

Horowitz CR, Jackson JC.

Department of Health Policy, Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY 10029, USA.

The practice of female “circumcision,” or traditional female genital surgery, is simultaneously complex and controversial. Although some consider it a human rights infringement, others view it as an integral part of cultures in which it remained unchallenged for centuries. With more than 30,000 Africans entering the United States in the last decade, American clinicians are challenged with meeting African women’s health needs, as they are barraged with a debate about the ethics and politics of circumcision…

Comment in J Gen Intern Med. 1997 Aug;12(8):513-5.

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