[Female genital mutilation–need for answers at the age of adolescence]

Rev Med Suisse. 2008 Jun 11;4(161):1445-6,1448-50.

[Female genital mutilation–need for answers at the age of adolescence]. [Article in French]

Renteria SC.

Département de gynécologie-obstétrique, c/o UMSA, CHUV, Lausanne. Saira-Christine.Renteria@chuv.ch


In Switzerland, the estimated number of survivors after traditional female genital mutilation in the country of origin or girls and adult women at risk is 6-7000. Health professionals must be able to respond adequately to their questions not only during adolescence but through out the different periods of life. The lack of information or transmission by the seniors as well before the excision as at the time of sexual maturity contributes in a large measure to the frequent biographic trauma. It can be very difficult for the girls to deal with the gap between socio cultural and family expectations and their individual life experience in Switzerland.

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