Hastings Center Report

The Hastings Center Report is the Journal of the Hastings Center and published the works of its scholars. In this LINK you can search for articles of your interest.

Hastings Center Report has published the following on FGM:

Elizabeth Reis. Culture and Cutting. Nov-Dec 2012 42(6):3 LINK

Ruth Macklin. Aesthetic Enhancement? Or Human Rights Violation? Nov-dec 2012 42(6) 28-29. LINK

By The Public Policy Advisory Network on Female Genital Surgeries in Africa. Seven Things to Know about Female Genital Surgeries in Africa. Dec 2012 42(6)19–27 LINK

Hastings Center Report. Circumcision Revisited March-April 1997 27(2) 4–5 LINK

Sandra D. Lane and Robert A. Rubinstein. Judging the Other: Responding to Traditional Female Genital Surgeries May-June 1996 26(3)31–40. LINK