Female circumcision/genital mutilation: Culturally sensitive care

Health Care for Women International. 1993 14(3) 227-238

Female circumcision/genital mutilation: Culturally sensitive care

Barbara L. Calder, Yvonne M.R. Brown & Donna I. Rae


The ancient ritual of female circumcision/genital mutilation is still a prevalent custom in some African countries. Because of increasing immigration of African families to Western nations, the practice has become an issue for health care providers, who may not be aware of the practice and its sequelae. Using a questionnaire administered by our Somalian research associate, we surveyed women in schools of nursing and education in Somalia, identifying the complications of circumcision, acceptable interventions for these complications, and caregivers considered appropriate by the respondents. By becoming aware of the practice and of which interventions are acceptable and unacceptable, health care providers can offer more comprehensive and culturally sensitive care.

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