[Female genital mutilation. Women’s point of view]

Gynecol Obstet Fertil. Nov 2001 29(11): 824–828

[Mutilations génitales rituelles féminines. La parole aux femmes] [Article in french]

[Female genital mutilation. Women’s point of view]

Allag F, Abboud P, Mansour G, Zanardi M, Quéreux C


Female genital mutilation (FGM) is considered as the most dangerous custom still ritually practised and 2 million girls undergo the ordeal each year. This practice is anchored and fixed firmly in numerous African people’s culture and Western countries are confronted to it through African immigrants. In order to understand the justifications and the consequences of FGM we interviewed 14 genitally mutilated African women living in France. Unfortunately and despite the conscious knowledge of consequences and absurd side of such practice, yet it seems to be perpetuated over the descendants. Educational approach is the best solution to fight female genital mutilation fixed firmly in numerous African people’s culture.

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