[Results of surgical clitoral repair after ritual excision: 453 cases]

Gynecol Obstet Fertil. Dec 2006 34(12); 1137–1141

Résultats de la réparation chirurgicale du clitoris après mutilation sexuelle : 453 cas

[Results of surgical clitoral repair after ritual excision: 453 cases] [Article in French]

Foldes P, Louis-Sylvestre C


Objective. Ritual excision is responsible for urologic, gynaecologic and obstetrical complications, whose surgical treatment has been fully described. Sexual sequelae deserve the same attention. We describe and analyze the results of a surgical procedure for clitoral rehabilitation.

Patients and methods. Women requesting this surgery between 1992 and 2005 have been prospectively included in this study. The skin covering the stump was resected and the clitoris identified. The suspensor ligament was sectioned in order to mobilize the stump, the sclerous tissues were removed from the extremity and the neo glans brought to a normal situation. Pre operative pain and clitoral impairment were assessed within five categories. The same was done with anatomical and functional postoperative results at six months.

Results. Four hundred and fifty-three patients have been completely evaluated. Hospitalisation stay was 24 hours and the procedure never lasted more than 30 minutes. Minor early complications were recorded in 58 patients (hematoma, disrupture of the suture, pain). Four patients reported persisting pain at four months. A visible clitoral massif could be restored in 87% of the cases and a real improvement in clitoral function was obtained in 75% of the patients.

Discussion and conclusion. This surgical procedure is easy and reliable. It provides promising cosmetic and functional results with minor complications.

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