Journal of Biosocial Science


Journal of Biosocial Science is a scientific peer-review journal published by Cambridge University Press and Galton Foundation. In this LINK you can search for other articles of your interest and submit your own papers.

J Biosoc Sci has published the following on FGM:

Patra S, Singh RK. Attitudes of circumcised women towards discontinuation of genital cutting of their daughters in Kenya. 2014 Jul 3:1-16. LINK

Aksel S, Sinai I, Yee KA. Female genital cutting and other intra-vaginal practices: implications for TwoDay Method use. 2012 Sep;44(5):631-5. LINK

James WH. Behavioural and biological determinants of human sex ratio at birth. 2010 Sep;42(5):587-99. LINK

Maslovskaya O, Brown JJ, Padmadas SS. Disentangling the complex association between female genital cutting and HIV among Kenyan women. 2009 Nov;41(6):815-30. Epub 2009 Jul 16. LINK

Stewart H, Morison L, White R Determinants of coital frequency among married women in Central African Republic: The role of Female Genital Cutting. Oct 2002 34(04): 525-539 LINK

Larsen U. The effects of type of female circumcision on infertility and fertility in Sudan. July 2002 34(03): 363-377 LINK