The Practising Midwife


The Practising Midwife is a British peer-review journal specialized on midwifery. In this LINK you can search for articles of your interest and submit your own manuscripts.

Pract Midwife has published the following on FGM:

Dixon-Wright R. FGM: dispelling the myths; exploring the facts. 2015 Jul-Aug;18(7):18-20. LINK

Adikibi A. Female circumcision: double standards. 2012 Dec;15(11):27-8. LINK

[No authors listed] Level of female genital mutilation in the UK is unacceptable says RCM. 2012 Mar;15(3):6. LINK

Momoh C. Female genital mutilation: a global and local concern. 2010 Apr;13(4):12-4. LINK

Adikibi A. Female circumcision: standing in their shoes. 2010 Apr;13(4):4-5. LINK