Reinfibulation among women in a rural area in Central Sudan

Health Care Women Int. 2001 22(8):711-721. 10.1080/073993301753339933

Reinfibulation among women in a rural area in Central Sudan

Almroth-Berggren V, Almroth L, Bergström S, Hassanein OS, El Hadi N, Lithell U

Reinfibulation is performed on women previously subjected to infibulation and who have given birth. To investigate the practice and attitudes concerning reinfibulation, we randomly selected for interviews 60 young women and grandmothers in a rural village in central Sudan. Reinfibulation was widely practised in this area. The main motive for performing reinfibulation was to satisfy the husband sexually. The young women saw themselves as passive in the decision process, claiming that the midwife and female relatives were behind the decision. Men were not involved in decisions to perform reinfibulation but seemed to play a supportive role when decisions were made not to perform it. Some young women had decided to break the pattern and not be reinfibulated. Through the interviews, we found that the practice carries the risk of several serious complications, which demonstrates that reinfibulation is an important health issue.

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