Contextualization of female genital mutilation since nursing. Analysis videographic

Enferm. glob. vol.11 no.25 Murcia Ene. 2012FREE

Contextualization of female genital mutilation since nursing. Analysis videographic. (Article in Spanish)

Pastor Bravo, MM, Almansa Martínez P, Ballesteros Meseguer C, Pastor Rodríguez JD


The purpose of this paper is to analize the audiovisual documents relating to the ritual of the female genital mutilation.
Material and method: pursuit and review of the video footage that give us information about the female genital mutilation in context, and be a primary source of information.
Results: The anlysis of the video footage obtained allows us to identify a large amount of data in order to study the female genital mutilation in context. To analyze the collected information 10 categories have been stablished.
Conclusion: The visual documents are a essential source of research for the analysis of the female genital mutilation ritual; they are a tool to consider in the training of health professionals in this area, which affects health of women and immigrant children. The knowledge obtained due to this review can be used in order to approach in a cultural way the female genital mutilation.

Key words: female genital mutilation; female circumcision; ablation; nursing; analysis of audiovisual; qualitative study.

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