International Journal of Sexual Health

Int J Sex Health. The International Journal of Sexual Health is a scientific journal published by the World Association for Sexual HealthIn this LINK you can submit your own articles and search for papers on FGM.

Int J Sex Health has published the following on FGM:

Martínez Pérez G, Bagnol B, Tomás Aznar C. Autoerotism, homoerotism, and foreplay in African women who practice labia minora elongation: a review iFirst DOI:10.1080/19317611.2014.910585 LINK

Martínez Pérez G, Tomás Aznar C, Bagnol B. Labia Minora Elongation and its implications on the health of women: A Systematic Review. 2013. DOI:10.1080/19317611.2013.851139 LINK

François I, Bagnol B, Chersich M, Mbofana F, Mariano E, Nzwalo H, Kenter E, Tumwesigye NM, Hull T,  Martin Hilber A. Prevalence and Motivations of Vaginal Practices in Tete Province, Mozambique 2012 24(3): 205-217. LINK