Enfermeria Global


Enfermeria Global is a scientific peer review published by the University of Murcia. In this LINK you can search for other articles of your interest and submit your own manuscript.

Enferm Glob has published the following on FGM:

Jiménez Ruiz I. Almansa Martínez P, Pastor Bravo MM, Pina Roche F. Aproximation to the ablation/female genital mutilation (A/FGM) from the transcultural nursing. A bibliographical revision. (Article in Spanish) vol.11 no.28 Murcia oct. 2012 LINK

Pastor Bravo, MM, Almansa Martínez P, Ballesteros Meseguer C, Pastor Rodríguez JD. Contextualization of female genital mutilation since nursing. Analysis videographic. (Article in Spanish) Enferm. glob. vol.11 no.25 Murcia Ene. 2012. LINK