Female Circumcision: Perceptions of Clients and Caregivers

Journal of American College Health,1985, 33(5), 193-197

Female Circumcision: Perceptions of Clients and Caregivers

Shaw E


Female circumcision is a custom which continues to be widespread in many parts of the word, yet very little is known about the practice by health care providers in the United States. Student health services in colleges and universities with large populations of international students need to be prepared to meet the health needs of this group of women. This paper discusses basic information about the practice of female circumcision. It summarizes data from a descriptive study conducted to identify specific needs and concerns of a group of 12 circumcised women who have used the western medical system while living in the United States. It also discusses the results of a follow-up study based on a questionnaire sent to 95 student health centers in the United States that had a foreign student population base of more than 500. Responses to the questionnaire identified the problems and concerns that student health providers encountered while caring for circumcised women. Suggestions for improved care are included from the perspective of both the client and the student health service personnel.

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