NGO Clitoraid

   The Las Vegas, US-based NGO Clitoraid has been criticized for their use of the motto “Adopt a Clitoris” as a reclaim for fundraising. In some of its activities, such as the last one held in Italy last July 2012, the coordinators gifted the attendants to the event with “Clito-boxes” (see LINK). Researcher Sylvia Tamale,Continue reading “NGO Clitoraid”


  NGO HURRARC, Human Rights Respect Awareness Raising Campaigner. According to their website, HURRARC “is a Sierra Leone NGO based in Freetown. It was founded in 1992, by Sahr GMP Fania together with other refugees from Sierra Leone at the time of the outbreak of the civil war, to document the Human Rights Violations being committed by all parties. HURRARC has beenContinue reading “NGO HURRARC”

NGO Girl´s Power Initiative

Girl´s Power Initiative is an NGO based in Benin City, Nigeria. According to their website, GPI “ is a Nigerian non-governmental, not-for-profit youth development organization founded in 1993 by Bene Madunagu and Grace Osakue to address the challenges facing girls in the Nigerian society and equip them with information, skills and opportunities for action to growContinue reading “NGO Girl´s Power Initiative”

IASSCS – International Association for the Study of Sexuality,Culture and Society

According to their website: “IASSCS was formed in July 1997 in Amsterdam, following a successful conference, “Beyond Boundaries: Sexuality Across Cultures”, jointly hosted by the Universities of Amsterdam and Chicago. This gathering was broadly concerned with the social and cultural study of sexuality, and drew together scholars from the disciplines of anthropology, history, sociology, healthContinue reading “IASSCS – International Association for the Study of Sexuality,Culture and Society”