Contact and Contribute

AfWORO succeeds in helping young emerging scientists thanks to the financial contribution of its members. Indirect costs and overheads are financed by the AfWORO Executive Board. This means that 100% of the members’ contributions are meant to cover only direct costs of research led by scientists that are supported by AfWORO. Projects that benefit from scientific mentoring and financial aid are regularly updated HERE. To continue making reality the research dreams of scientists in low-resourced settings, we need supporting members that share our vision and passion for rigorous research as a powerful tool to improve the physical, emotional, sexual and social health and wellbeing of low-income countries’ women and sexual minorities.

If you are interested to become a member of AfWORO, please drop us a message using the form below or write us directly to 

Please also use this form to reach to us or to our mentored scientists, to give us feedback on the content of this website, to suggest scientific resources to be indexed in FGMReview, to tell us about your own projects and interests, or to make us any question you’d like on AfWORO and our scientific program. Thanks!