FGMReview is a Knowledge Management Tool that aims at collecting and organizing all the information published on traditional Female Genital Modification (tFGMo) practices. The goal of FGMReview is to help improve and increase the knowledge on all types of tFGMo, including female genital cutting/mutilation, by making all grey literature and evidence-based knowledge accessible to researchers, health and social science students, sexual and reproductive health programme managers, health policy makers, and healthcare providers engaged in the research, project and programme planning, and tFGMo health and social care provision.

Browsing through the FGMReview, the visitor can find information on resources (original research papers, clinical guidelines, eBooks, and PhD Theses, etc.) and agents (organisations, universities, scientific journals, and governments, etc.). We aim for FGMReview to serve as a collaborative tool for its readers. In order to achieve a goal that will benefit everybody, all your suggestions are welcome. You can send us an email to let us know about new resources to post.


FGMReview was launched in 2012, with the of Dr. Guillermo Martínez Pérez, President of AfWORO, and of the late Prof. Concepción Tomás Aznar, from the Department of Physiatrics and Nursing of the University of Saragossa (Spain). At the start, FGMReview was framed in the preparation of a PhD Dissertation on the health implications of the practice of labia minora elongation. Thelp the readers become more familiar with this specific type of tFGMo, all the entries that relate to labial elongation include this image displayed next to the text. When clicked, all the documents which refer to this practice are shown.

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