Logo AfWORO_2_transp peqAfrican Women’s Research Observatory (AfWORO) is registered as a not-for-profit association in Barcelona (Spain). AfWORO was created in July 2017 by a team of researchers, trainers, activists, health workers and humanitarian aid experts that shared the interest and motivation to support the work of African young female scientists.

The mission of AfWORO is to contribute to improve the physical, emotional, sexual and social health and wellbeing of low-income countries’ women and sexual minorities by means of providing scientific, financial and technical mentoring for the promotion, funding, capacity building, conduct and dissemination of health, social and gender research in coordination with emergent African young women scientists.

With a focus in training-through-research, AfWORO is commited to provide a platform to coach, mentor and guide scientist from sub-Saharan Africa that have opportune and pertinent research questions that, if answered, could help sub-Saharan countries progress towards improving human and social development. AfWORO welcomes scientists from any discipline. Historians, Physicians, Epidemiologists, Nurses, Anthropologists may see their projects supported by us as long as they share our passion for science.

At institutional level, AfWORO lends support to academic, education and civil society organisations engaging in any research, project management, training and education initiatives that aim to advance towards the empowerment of women and sexual minorities in low-resourced settings. Sexual and reproductive health; traditional gendered harmful practices; health needs of vulnerable key populations; and women’s and girls’ human rights are some of the programme areas in which Our Team holds field, technical, scientific and managerial expertise.

Grant proposal writing; Training-through-research; eLearning and mLearning; Quality Assurance; Scientific writing and communication; Knowledge management tools; and Continuing Scientific Mentoring are among the umbrella of activities that, in cooperation with established colleagues from various sub-Saharan African academic, education and humanitarian organisations, we support. It is thanks to the altruistic aid lent by our peers and also thanks to the financial contributions of the AfWORO members that we are able to sponsor and mentor emergent African young female scientists to see their dream of becoming a senior scientist true!