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Recurrent genital pain occurring during, before, or after SEXUAL INTERCOURSE in either the male or the female.

Infertility from female circumcision

Fertil Steril. 2004 81(6): 1692-1694

Infertility from female circumcision

Chen G, Dharia SP, Steinkampf MP, Callison S


OBJECTIVE: To present a case report of a patient with primary infertility from female circumcision, the management of the patient, and a review of the literature. DESIGN:Case report and literature review. SETTING: University hospital. PATIENT(S): A 31-year-old woman referred for a history of primary infertility. INTERVENTION(S): Complete history and physical exam of the patient and subsequent deinfibulation. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S): Diagnosis, surgical management, and postoperative sexual function and pregnancy. RESULT(S)Resolution of dyspareunia, satisfactory postoperative sexual function, and pregnancy. CONCLUSION(S): Awareness of this type of female circumcision and familiarity with its surgical management may prevent delays and any subsequent complications.

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[External genital after-effects of excision in national hospital Yalgado Ouedraogo (CHN-YO): epidemiology and surgery]

Gynecol Obstet Fertil. Abril 2001 29(4): 295–300

Séquelles génitales externes de l’excision au centre hospitalier national Yalgado Ouedraogo (CHN-YO) : épidémiologie et traitement chirurgical

[External genital after-effects of excision in national hospital Yalgado Ouedraogo (CHN-YO): epidemiology and surgery] [Article in French]

Akotionga M, Traore O, Lakoande J, Kone B


By a prospective study in one year time, the authors noticed that femal genital mutilation complications were 7,3 per cent of external gynecologic consultations and most complications were overdraft between 15 and 24 years old (36 cases out of 49). The main consultation motives were dyspareunia and difficult sexual relationship. Surgery under local anesthetic was very efficient (more than 90 % success) and cheaper than surgery under general anesthetic.

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[Medical, psychological and sexual consequences of female genital mutilations]

Arch Pediatr. 2008 Jun;15(5):820-1.

[Medical, psychological and sexual consequences of female genital mutilations]. [Article in French]

Carton V, Philippe HJ.

Unité de Gynécologie Obstétrique Médico-Psycho-Sociale, HME, CHU de Nantes, 38 boulervard Jean-Monnet, 44093 Nantes cedex, France. veronique.carton@caramail.com <veronique.carton@caramail.com>

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Female genital mutilation and its psychosexual impact.

J Sex Marital Ther. 2001 Oct-Dec;27(5):465-73.

Female genital mutilation and its psychosexual impact.

el-Defrawi MH, Lotfy G, Dandash KF, Refaat AH, Eyada M.

Psychiatry Department, Faculty of Medicine, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt.


Two hundred and fifty women, randomly selected from the patients of Maternal and Childhood Centers in Ismailia, were examined gynecologically and interviewed to investigate their psychosexual activity. Results showed that the 80% who were circumcised, complained more significantly of dysmenorrhea (80.5%), vaginal dryness during intercourse (48.5%), lack of sexual desire (45%), less frequency of sexual desire per week (28%), less initiative during sex (11%), being less pleased by sex (49%), being less orgasmic (39%), and less frequency of orgasm (25%), and having difficulty reaching orgasm (60.5%) than the uncircumcised women. However, other psychosexual problems, such as loss of interest in foreplay and dyspareunia, did not reach statistical significance. The study suggests that circumcision has a negative impact on a woman’s psychosexual life.

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