Female genital mutilation and visual checks on schoolgirls.

Nurs Stand. 2013 Oct 2;28(5):34. doi: 10.7748/ns2013. Female genital mutilation and visual checks on schoolgirls. Hopkins C. EXTRACT I am disappointed in the sweeping statements made by Bridget Ryan (Letters September 11) and her views about how to deal with and prevent female genital mutilation (FGM). This article can be accessed in this LINK

Female circumcision/genital mutilation: Culturally sensitive care

Health Care for Women International. 1993 14(3) 227-238 Female circumcision/genital mutilation: Culturally sensitive care Barbara L. Calder, Yvonne M.R. Brown & Donna I. Rae ABSTRACT The ancient ritual of female circumcision/genital mutilation is still a prevalent custom in some African countries. Because of increasing immigration of African families to Western nations, the practice has become an issue forContinue reading “Female circumcision/genital mutilation: Culturally sensitive care”

Introduction to forensic nursing: a student’s work: female genital mutilation.

Dimens Crit Care Nurs. 2011 Jul-Aug;30(4):190-3. Introduction to forensic nursing: a student’s work: female genital mutilation. Hebert LJ. leah.hebert@maine.edu ABSTRACT This article was written by a student interested in female genital mutilation as part of a school project. The article reviews exactly what female genital mutilation entails, its history, and the role of the forensic andContinue reading “Introduction to forensic nursing: a student’s work: female genital mutilation.”

Scarred for life.

Nurs Stand. 2012 Mar 14-20;26(28):20-1. Scarred for life. Learner S. ABSTRACT Thousands of girls in the UK are at risk of female genital mutilation. A multi-agency safeguarding group in Bristol, established after a school nurse became concerned that pupils were at risk, is preventing girls from being taken out of the country to have theContinue reading “Scarred for life.”