Masters in Women’s Law Programme, Southern and Eastern Africa Regional Women’s Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Zimbabwe. (2008) “A case of culture gone awry”: An investigation of female initiation ceremonies and Nyau dance vigils on the rights of teenage girls to education and sexual reproductive health amongst migrant communities in Norton, Zimbabwe Thabethe SNContinue reading ““A CASE OF CULTURE GONE AWRY””

Labial Elongation in the Shona

The Central Africa Journal of Medicine. July 1969 15 (7):165-166 Labial Elongation in the Shona Williams J EXTRACT It is a common medical observation that most Shona women have elongated labia minora. Upon external vaginal examination these usually pre~ent as two contiguous bundles of gathered, shrIvelled, loose skin tissue. By including a labial measurement withContinue reading “Labial Elongation in the Shona”